TVG joins Pax8

TVG joins Pax8. Frequently asked questions
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Time to celebrate! TVG Eesti - Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2019 for Estonia!

We are very honored and proud to announce to be among the winners of the Microsoft 2019 Partner of the Year Awards!
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Microsoft Teams Vol.4 tips & tricks

Make collaborating on files a breeze. Ready for some team bonding? Co-authoring with your team has never been easier.
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Microsoft Teams Vol.3 tips & tricks

Keep communication fuss free—Title your chats. When the channel is busy, using a subject line can help your topic stand out. Adding a subject to your conversation is easy.
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Microsoft Teams Vol.2 tips & tricks

Streamline access with custom tabs. Create custom tabs to give your teammates easy access to the files, tools, and sites they use every day.
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Microsoft Teams Vol.1 tips & tricks

Tag people to get your message noticed. Use @Mentions to call attention to your message.
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O365 Tips & tricks. September Vol.3

Remove the background of a picture?! EASY! In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, you can remove a background from a picture to accent or highlight the subject of the picture or to remove distracting detail.
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O365 Tips & tricks. September Vol.2

Overview of Excel tables To make managing and analyzing a group of related data easier, you can turn a range of cells into a Microsoft Office Excel table (previously known as an Excel list). A table typically contains related data in a series of worksheet rows and columns that have been formatted as a table. By using the table features, you can then manage the data in the table rows and columns independently from the data in other rows and columns on the worksheet.
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O365 Tips & tricks. September Vol.1

The Conversation Clean Up feature in Outlook can reduce the number of messages in your mail folders. Redundant messages throughout a Conversation are moved to the Deleted Items folder.
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CorelDRAW Exclusive Webinar "Professional Tips And Tricks Part 1 - PhotoPaint"

In this webinar, Mo Jogie, a Visual Communications Designer, will be taking you through Photo Paint the photo-editing application of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018. Learn the latest tips on perfecting the perfect photo and creative ways to use photo images in Graphics projects for print and the web.
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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On May 25, 2018, new data protection regulation will come into effect. It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and it will set a new global standard for privacy rights, security and compliance. We would like to familiarize you with video that takes you through General Data Protection Regulation and how Microsoft 365 can help with your customers´ compliance journey.
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